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For more than 20 years, Treatment Team Group has been a strong influence in the Central Valley of California. While serving all of California and Nevada with live entertainment, contract procurements, street teamwork, and powerful productions, we have also worked with other companies in market schemes and sponsorship procurement.

Treatment Team Group

Treatment Team has played a pivotal role in transforming the live entertainment industry in the Central Valley and beyond. We have been synonymous with music, concerts, and production in our area. This company began with strong men and women learning the industry with hard work and experience on and off the stage. Consistent with ticket platforms, sponsorship activations, and co promotions, Treatment Team is becoming a household name and expanding throughout California and beyond.
Under strong leadership, The Treatment Team is an organization positioning itself to continue the tradition of high-quality shows. We are responsible for a lot of the outdoor success in the flatland which includes block parties, outdoor events, and festivals, The Treatment Team is non-stop with a great platform. We are an innovative company making moves to secure and continue the legacy of the 209.


Treatment Team Entertainment started with two individuals in music singing and rapping across California while mixing their talent both on stage and at pop-up events. From the stage in front of thousands of people to behind the scenes promoting shows, Treatment Team has evolved (Picture is good with this)

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